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India is a land of constant growth and rebirth, a destination of vibrant culture and colours, a place where the ancient and contemporary exist side by side. From the famed Taj Mahal and the River Ganges to the foot hills of the Himalayas and the golden beaches of the south, India will never cease to amaze and enliven.

When deciding when to go to India, annual festivals should be taken into account. They are an integral part of people’s life and attending one of them will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your trip. The most famous of these is Diwali known as the Festival of Lights.
India isn’t just a holiday…it’s an experience.

Visit the monuments of Jaipur, the Taj Mahal, spot tigers at Bandhavgarh National Park, take a house boat on the peaceful waterways of Kerala, visits to a fishing village, spice planation.
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